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Wiring Harness Install Manual - Wire Harness Installation Instructions For Installing: Part #10101 – Universal Streetrod Harness (12 circuit/GM column) The installation of your wire harness mainly consists in two parts: • The physical routing and securing of the wire harness, wires, and groups.. Just got my wiring works kit and I can't wait to install it. I know some other kits come with color instructions with lots of images step by step.. 1968-69 Beetle Wiring Harness Installation - Part 1: Video Overview: a job like completely re-wiring your VW may seem like a daunting task but if you take it step by step and follow the instructions that are provided with our Wiring Works Wiring Harnesses, just about anyone can re-wire their VW in a matter of a few hours..

Mustang Products Taillight Wiring Harness (1965) Installation Instructions 1965 Mustang Taillight Wiring Harness This Taillight Wiring Harness will fit 1965 Mustang coupes or convertibles.. CADILLAC - Escalade 2002 w/ RPO code Y91 - Escalade EXT 2002 w/ RPO code Y91 CHEVROLET - Avalanche 2002 w/ RPO code Y91 - Suburban 2001-02 w/ RPO code Y91. Read these instructions before starting this installation. These instructions were developed This WORKBOOK is designed for both our labeled and color-coded harnesses. Whenever a specific wire is referred to , it will be displayed with its LABEL and HARNESS FOR INSTALLATION For this you will need a LARGE, CLEAR WORK AREAto spread out the.

Port Injection Wire Harness Kit (for MAF TPI's), and the 60103 and 60203 Tuned Port Injection Wire Harness Kit (for MAP TPI's). The contents of these instructions are divided into. Installation Manual and Operating Instructions . MD93 Series installation of the equipment, ensure that power and ground are applied to the proper pins specified in Section 3.4.2, Pin Assignment Information. • Cable Harness Wire , See Section 3.4.1 for specifications. 20. Route all accessory wire harnesses according to their Installation Instructions and then connect them to their corresponding terminal on the Power Circuit Board (PCB). PCB POWER HARNESS VOLT METER AUX LIGHT POWER HARNESS LIGHT BAR WIPER MOTOR HEATER SWITCH HARNESS 21. Install the fusebox grommet over the wires, and.

Installation and Operation Manual • Master Harness Diagrams Installation Guide Wire Labeling/Color chart REV C # COLOR LABEL 1 VIOLET SWITCHED POWER 2 BLACK GROUND 5 BLUE LIGHTING from Master Harness Vantage View® Installation Manual. k List of Figures. EFI Harness Installation Manual 11 #20 is a 14Ga pink wire marked “INERTIA F-P” to power your fuel pump(s); you will need to splice this wire if you are using 2 fuel pumps that are not mounted together. Make sure the fuel pump(s) are well grounded.. Plug-In Harness Kit Cross Reference .27 Isolation Module System Connector Identifi cation and Wiring .28 Harness Repair Ends .29 Original Minute Mount Wiring to Isolation Module System Cross Reference .29 Safety Defi nitions.

Locate the factory wiring harness in the dash. Follow the Wiring and Initialization section of this manual before completing the installation. 7. Mount the new radio assembly into the dash and reassemble dash in reverse order of disassembly. Kit Assembly. HARNESS INSTALLATION When connecting the wires on the harness, follow the wiring diagram and the sequence below. Before connecting any wires disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Note: When running the wires through the engine compartment sure to keep them securely away from moving parts such as the fan and the throttle.

Wire Harness Installation Instructions
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